The tailbone in humans is called the coccyx. It is very vulnerable and permanent injury can occur quite easily. Coccydynia is a debilitating condition that occurs in the tailbone. NYC Surgical Associates has a large center that specializes in the treatment of coccyx pain.

What causes tailbone pain?

The most common cause of coccyx pain is a coccyx fracture. The tailbone is easily fractured from a fall onto one’s buttocks. Once fractured, a small portion of patients never heal. They have chronic persistent nonunion. This hurts. You can’t sit. You have pain with walking. Most of our patients even have pain with a bowel movement.

Permanent painful nonunions and malunions of the coccyx are quite common. The reason why these nonunions occur is that once broken the bony structure has a poor  blood supply. Thus, the tailbone has a difficult time healing itself without intervention and the pain is often chronic.

Specialized treatment of painful coccyx fractures

The treatment is simple. Remove the broken tailbone. You don’t need it. We are currently the leading center in the country at performing this type of procedure. We treat patients from all over the United States with a broken tailbone. We have a 99% success rate. So far, the surgery has always been done outpatient and most of our patients see immediate relief.

If prolonged or permanent buttock and tailbone pain occurs, we are one of the few practices in the United States that specializes in the treatment of painful coccyx fractures.  We treat coccyx injuries every week at our facility. The outpatient tailbone surgery is simple and effective.

Don’t suffer with chronic tailbone pain

Patients no longer have to suffer with chronic tailbone pain. There is a safe, effective cure. The orthopedic treatment (and subsequent cure) is a coccygectomy. It is a safe outpatient surgery that our surgeons have used successfully time and time again. Once the tailbone is removed, 95% of our patients are pain free in 90 days or less. Overall, we are #1 in the country with a 99% success rate for coccygectomy procedures used to reduce and eliminate tailbone pain.

To learn more about this surgery or to discuss other options, contact our Neurosurgery and Spine team at NYC Surgical Associates, where we are happy to discuss this and any other options that may pertain to your care. You may contact us at 888-286-6600 or by submitting our online contact form.