David Greuner consulted on Amy Winehouse’s last days

Amy Winehouse spent the last week of her short and troubled life in an alcoholic, drug-fueled fog — which she capped by purchasing a stockpile of powerful narcotics at a London bar just hours before her death, according to British news reports.

Her final days were squandered in such a haze that even those who had watched her tumble from the top of the charts to a 27-year-old train wreck were left stunned.

“She has spent the last seven days on a massive bender, and people were saying she’s going to drink herself to death,” one friend told the Mirror.



The final straw may have been a lethal combination of booze and a “bad” ecstasy pill, according to friends with her just before she was found dead.

That dangerous blend came after she was spotted buying drugs from a well-known dealer, the British tabloid The People reported.

Those drugs included cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and ketamine, an animal tranquilizer that is taken illegally for its psychedelic effects.

And the cause of her most recent drug and alcohol frenzy may have been a broken heart.

The soul singer was reeling from her breakup with Reg Traviss, the film director she had once asked to marry her.

Traviss dumped Winehouse less than a month ago, right before she checked into The Priory, a London hospital that treats addictions.

He broke up with her after deciding she would never clean up her act — leaving her “inconsolable,” according to the Daily Mail.

Authorities have not officially determined the cause of her death. But her mother, Janis, told the Mirror it was “only a matter of time” before her daughter’s addiction took her life.

Winehouse took comfort in the fact that she saw her daughter the day before she died — even though it was clear the drugs had taken their toll.

“She seemed out of it,” said the mom. “But her passing so suddenly still hasn’t hit me.”

Her last words to her mother were “I love you, Mum.”

Her dad, Mitch Winehouse, a singer who was in New York to play a gig at the Blue Note jazz club, said, “I’m devastated. It’s such a shock.”

The vintage-styled singer belted her way to international stardom with the release of her sophomore effort “Back to Black” in 2006.

But just as quickly, her undeniable talent was overshadowed by her serious substance abuse problems.

Fans waited for a comeback, but it never came.

Her longtime bodyguard is believed to have found her body, the Mirror said.

Authorities are expected to perform an autopsy today.

The singer suffered from emphysema, which is rare in young people. But smoking crack can lead to the deadly lung disease developing earlier.

Winehouse was once secretly videotaped smoking crack by the British tabloid The Sun.

If Winehouse did pop a combo of ecstasy and booze, as her friends said, that could have been what ultimately ended her life, said David Greuner, a cardiac surgeon at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.

“Ecstasy and booze dehydrate you, and both have an effect on your liver and kidneys,” said Greuner, who was not involved in her treatment. “Your heart has to work twice as hard.”

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