Microdiscectomy is the surgical removal of the material of an intervertebral disc, typically because it is compressing nerves around the spine, causing dysfunction or pain, by using small incisions and less tissue trauma utilizing specialized equipment and approaches. This procedure requires specialized expertise and advanced training in this particular method.

These affected discs are typically called  “herniated” discs when compressing on other structures. The procedure is an excellent alternative to traditional disc surgery when the affected disc is the only problem and there are no other extenuating circumstances.

Typically this procedure is performed as an outpatient, minimizing the need for hospital stays and getting patients back to their lives as quickly as possible. In the right hands, it is an extremely safe procedure.

You may have heard about a microdiscectomy before and are wondering whether or not it is the right treatment for you. If you are not sure this is the right choice of treatment you should explore other options to make sure that the treatment you get is definitely the one you need.

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