Back Pain

Those seeking a back pain doctor have issues originating in one or more common areas. The spine and muscles in the back usually contribute to lower back pain. Most problems originating in the spine are a result of the spaces between its bones called disks. Herniated disks, torn disks, and ruptured disks are common problems associated with the spine. In addition, a lot of back pain originates from back muscles that have been strained or pulled. Those suffering from sore, aching, and painful backs, are usually suffering from muscle ailments.

Having pain caused by a lower back injury can be debilitating for a variety of reasons; one of the most common causes for back pain is damage to the vertebral discs: natural wear of aging, or by traumatic injury.

How to treat Lower Back Pain or Injuries

After you injure your back, your first intuitions may lead you to a hot bath or a comfortable bed. These remedies may make your back feel better immediately, yet such actions are to be viewed as very short-term remedies. In addition, some people resort to such things as icing their back; resting the back; and compressing the specific, painful area. Such notions can work immediately, but they are not to be used as repetitive and ultimate solutions. It is important to seek professional attention for lower back pain treatment.

Unfortunately, some people have a history of back issues and suffer from chronic back pain. Such individuals may limit their levels of activity in fear of making back matters worse. If you are an individual with chronic back pain, spasms, or throbbing, there is a solution. Seeking lower back pain treatment from a professional is the answer. Our back pain specialists at NYC Surgical can consult with you on exercises that can alleviate back pain. In addition, our professionals can let you know if a medical procedure is suggested or necessary in order to ultimately rid yourself of back pain.

You don’t have to alter your life due to immediate or chronic back pain. Lower back pain treatment is recommended and available to you.